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Tail and Print

Dec 22, 2021

Well the first week of Bowl Games has been an absolute crap shoot. Carsky and Finn are off to a rough start but are trying to keep up with the incoming bowl games for the next couple days leading up to the big dogs. Carsky looks at the Armed Forces Bowl with Army vs Missouri +3.5 and Carskys team out on the Island...

Nov 18, 2021

Every week we hope to do better than the week before and Finn added to his great record going 6-3 last week bringing his record to 42-33-1. While Carsky again stumbled to 6-6-1 to bring his record to 52-57-2.

The guys plan to both have stellar weeks as they're really looking forward to on one of the final Saturdays of...

Nov 27, 2020

Welcome back! We here at Tail and Print hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are very thankful to have some great match ups for this week in College Football!

 We discuss the newly released College Football Playoffs Rankings and see what we may have done differently. Then we break down some match ups we like...