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Tail and Print

Jul 13, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of the best golf gambling podcast out there. Finn and Gorman, who joins us after playing Tabacco Road in North Carolina, are back to talk some golf including the final major championship of the season at the home of Golf, St. Andrews in Scotland.

 The fellas talk everything from...

-Who we like to win this weeks Open

-PGA vs LIV on Sunday please

-Gormans round at Tabacco Hill and how Pinehurts #2 took a big #2 on his hopes of playing there this week

-What sounds a lovechild of a Manatee and Goat would make

-The first thing that comes to mind when they here DP Tour

And so much more!! Be sure to follow us on twitter @TailandPrint to see our official betting card as well! Good Luck this week and May All Your Bets Come True!! #TailandPrint